Rhakti = Rock + Shakti

Rhakti is a pop/rock band.
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We write about our reactions to spiritual subcultures.
We cover world devotional music in rock / top 40 / dance formats.

Rhakti is:
Richard Hulley - guitar, vocals, writing and arrangements.
Dorothy Drees - keyboard, vocals, writing and arrangements.
Ted Clancy - bass, writing and arrangements.
Tom Tatman of Catamount Recording, Cedar Falls, Iowa, is our producer.
Our home base is Fairfield, Iowa, USA.

Our musical influences are: Steely Dan, British Invasion, Patti Smith, Bach, Buddy Holly, Doors, Cars, jazz voicings. 

We thank:
Skip Lowe - studio drums.
Jim Drier - studio percussion.
Denny Gibbs - studio Hammond organ.
Travis Huisman - mastering.
Kevin Riley - graphics.
Dorothy Drees - logo.

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