Although we haven't yet been playing out, Richard, Ted, and I have been practicing at least 3-4 nights a week for all these months. We have completed three new songs, which bring our live set to about an hour in length.

We have been acquiring the necessary equipment to sound great when we play out live. And Tom Tatman at Catamount, with his refined ear and long experience, has offered to set all the levels for each song, so that the show's sound will be as clear, full, and powerful as possible.  I've been waiting frustratedly a long time for this, and I'm relieved and excited to say that we have a date set with Tom for the end of this month. (Of course, now our truck has just blown up, but we'll figure out some way to get up there.)

Once we get this all done, finally, we'll have a CD release party at Cafe Paradiso in Fairfield. I hope that everyone in the entire world can come.

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