About Songs

   1. Amba Kali Ma

The chorus of this song is a traditional bhajan (call/response devotional song) in praise of the holy mother of the world (Jagadambe) in her forms of Kali (the destroyer of ignorance) and Durga (the fierce protector).  
The verses describe experiences in Mata Amritananda Mayi's (Amma the hugging saint's) program hall.
The first verse describes a woman in the hall. The second verse describes Amma.


Amba Kali Ma. Jaya Jaya Durge Kali Ma. Ambe Jagadambe Kali Ma.
Amritananda Mayi Ma. Jaya Jaya Durge Kali Ma. Ambe Jagadambe Kali Ma.
       She reads the bhakti book, she wears the cotton shawl. Rudraksha bracelet, she waits in the hall.
       She sings the japa song, she holds the Kali doll. She does the seva, she's doing it all.
       In the line she starts to cry, sing along tears in her eye. Bhakti incarnate is getting her high.
       In the line she starts to cry, sing along tears in her eye. On Devi Bhava she's up 'till the sunrise.
                   Radiating shakti and light, the ground of every grain of sand.
                   In Her embrace She reveals what only hearts can understand.
                   Amma Amma take me up into your arms.
                   Sun shines on flowers. I stare for hours.

   2. Ganesha

One night, Clancy played us this beautiful bass line he had written. Dorothy said,"What's that about? Maybe Ganesh."  
We quickly came up with the English words, and added the Vedic Ganesh prayer. Clancy fooled around with the arrangement over a period of time. Tom suggested the chant in the bridge, which he manipulated electronically.
Ganesh represents that aspect of creative intelligence, or that facet of God's personality, which is the remover of obstacles.


Om Eka Dantaya Vidmahe, Vakra Tundaya Dimahi, Tanno Dantih Pracodayata.
       Day time night time, Ganesha Sharanam. Spring time, fall time, Ganesha Sharanam.
       Dark time light time, Ganesha Sharanam. This time all time, Ganesha.
               Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha.

  3. Karuna Mayi

In praise of the holy mother.

   4. Maheshwari Raja

In praise of the holy mother.

   5. Holy Lady

This song describes experiences with holy mother Sri Karunamayi.


Went to see a holy lady, She put her hand on my head. My mind went empty.
Walked into the sunshine, couldn't recall what She said. My thoughts were empty.
Like a bulk eraser, without a trace, through Her grace,
Now my head is empty, in a new space, through Her grace.
     She gave me some ashes, they smell like soap by the bed. They don't taste good.
     Some people eat them, don't always do what I should. My mind was empty.
     Like a bulk eraser, without a trace, through Her grace.
     Now the tape is empty, in a new space, through Her grace.
              Went to see a holy lady, we sat in chairs in long rows.
              We got four by six cards, on which we listed our woes.
               Junk in my head was so loud in that place, through Her grace.
               Divine silence pervading Her space, through Her grace.
      When She got to my turn, She took my card and She swore,
     "These belong to me, these problems are no longer yours."
       Every care released as She pet my face, through Her grace.
       Rarefied sweetness filling the space, through Her grace.

   6. Sometimes Shiva likes to Rock and Roll

Dorothy wrote this song about holy mother Shree Maa of Kamakaya. Maa is said to be the incarnation of Sri Ramakrishna's wife, Sri Sarada Devi.
Maa visited Fairfield three years in a row in the late '90's. All events in the song are true, although they have been condensed into the time frame of one weekend.
The chorus is a traditional bhajan to Shiva. Shiva is the Hindu/Vedic name for God the Father. 
On the first night of Maa's first Fairfield visit, due to an odd sequence of events, Maa spoke directly to Dorothy for a time. She said, "Don't be upset, you are part of the Divine Mother. Remember. Sing." Looking into Maa's eyes, Dorothy couldn't make out any pupils, or whites; just glistening black vastness, that went on forever.
Tom's barn was smoky because Maa kept a homa fire burning continuously in the barn while She was there.
There is a short musical interlude in the bridge which we didn't know how to complete. It occurred to Dorothy while meditating that Maa herself should speak there. We emailed Maa and Swamiji about it, and they sent back a beautiful blessing recorded by Maa, for us to use as we wished. A part of this is included in the song. The complete blessing is #12 at the end of the CD. 


The Ancient Goddess rolled into town. Her animated swami drove the RV.
She threw a party in Tom's smoky barn and said,
"Sometimes Shiva likes to rock and roll!  Sometimes Shiva likes to rock and roll!"
       Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo, Hari Hari Hari Shambo. 
       Mahadeva Shambo, Mahadeva Shambo.
On Sunday morning She said,"Let's get a flatbed. Lets cruise the town with songs and frankensense."
By Fairfield Lumber people jumped right on.
In the Hy-Vee parking lot they drove behind in a parade of cars, and they all were singing.
       Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo, Hari Hari Hari Shambo.
       Mahadeva Shambo, Mahadeva Shambo.
Before She left on Monday, out by the barn, She hung around and said to us,"You guys are great."
She cut us each a piece of red cloth, that a snake slid over in the Appalachians. 
She looked inside me and said,"Don't be upset." She told me to remember who I really am.
She said She's with us each time we have pure devotion.  Her eyes are like the ocean. 
        Oh Maa, Shree Maa,
        Please come home to our hearts and stay, please come home to our hearts and stay,
        Please come back to that barn and say, one more time how Shiva likes to rock and roll.
                   Shiva Shiva, Mahadeva, Ramakrishna, Nataraja.

   7. Vrindavanna Ke Sundara Bala

In praise of Krishna, the charming cowherd boy.

   8. Deep Cool

This song is about a very cool guy who Richard met on a TM course in the '70's.
He is a real guy.


They call him Deep Cool, it's like God's on his side. For me it's a struggle, for him a free ride.
He is so rich, and he's so thin. He loves the skin that he is in. How do you do it, Deep Cool?
      He taught fifteen hundred, he rounded for years. He always wore silk, and never shows fear.
      Why is it he gets all the breaks? Why is it me gets the mistakes? How do you do it, Deep Cool?
At Amherst the guru said, "Get a career." He brokered some oil, and was rich in two years. 
He made the deals. He's a big wheel. I pounded nails. I practiced scales. I wanna be like Deep Cool.
      Do do it.

Songs 9, 10, and 11 together form a 12 minute medley. Our drummer Skip Lowe told us that he was in a trance for 12 minutes in the studio while laying these down.

   9. Amritananda Mayi Ma Tucchu Ko

Thousands, millions of prostrations to you, Amma, Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Krishna.

 10. Ayi Giri (Mahishasura Mardini Stotram)

This is a small part of an ancient Sanskrit hymn to the goddess Kali.


Ayi giri nandini nandita medini vishva vinodini nandinute
Giri vara vindhya shirodhi nivasini vishnu vilasini jishnunute
Bhagavati he siti kantha kutumbini bhuri kutumbini bhurtkrite
Jaya jaya he mahishasura mardini ramya kapardini shailasute.
     Ayi jadagamba madamba kadamba vanapriya vasini hasarate
     Shikhari shiromani tunga himalaya shringa nijalaya madhyagate
     Madhu madhure madhu kaitabha bhanjini kaitabha bhanjini rasarate
     Jaya jaya he mahishasura mardini ramya kapardini shailasute.

 11. Amma Amma Tayi

In praise of the holy mother. This hymn is sung (fabulously) to Amma by her swamis at the conclusion of each Devi Bhava night.

 12. Shree Maa's Blessing

Shree Maa and Swamaji emailed us this blessing, spoken by Maa, for us to use as we wished on "Sometimes Shiva"!
Here it is for all of us.

Oh my beloved universal family,
I bless you all with pure devotion.
May music rise in your heart,
And may you see divine spirit always.
Bless you all.
I love you.

13. New Energy

Richard came home for lunch one day, picked up his guitar and proceeded to play a chord progression. Dorothy said to him, "Oh that's nice. What's that song about?" Richard looked down at the Fairfield Weekly Reader on the kitchen table and began singing the text of an ad on the back page. Here it is.


New energy arrives on the planet daily.
It magnifies the need to keep in harmony.
Join Leandra for celestial expansion.
Weave a grid of light. Circulate your Chi.
      We'll cleanse our chakras, and release encodings, yeah yeah yeah.
      Each participant takes home a sacred symbol.
Ad in the paper says, "Touch the sacred symbol.
If the energy within resonates,
Join Leandra for celestial expansion."
It's ten bucks! Hey c'mon, it might be great.
      We'll cleanse our chakras, and release encodings, yeah yeah yeah.
      Each participant takes home a sacred symbol.
Weaving light grids, weaving light grids, weaving light grids.

Songs #1,5,6,8, and 13 are copyright Richard Hulley and Dorothy Drees.
Song #2 is copyright Richard Hulley, Dorothy Drees, and Ted Clancy.

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